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Tuta’s Wine is a site devoted to regional wines — wines with history and a sense of locality.  I write only about wines that I like and would bring home again.


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  • JCC

    Great website! I’ve already bookmarked it in my “favorites”!

  • JCC (the other one)

    Awesome! I love the layout. And what a great name. Also big plus for the quintuple amount of italians versus french wine !

  • Chasey C Usher

    I wouldn’t dream of buying wine now without consulting Tuta’s Wines first. Brilliant reviews.

  • JZ

    Tuta – wonderful site! Don’t let the francobashers discourage you love for dirty-bird wines!

  • Bruce from Boulder

    Curt said you needed a hit from Colorado. Consider yourself hit!
    My wife is from Burgundy (Dijon). Her cousins have a winery in a prime region – can’t remember the name right now, but I’ll look at the bottles we have at home.
    And is this a WordPress theme? If so, was it a free or pay one? (I’m a teacher and finally trying to set up a site)

  • PB

    The “thumb” of Michigan is the Saginaw valley and contains no vineyards to my knowlege. The Leelenau peninsula is more of the “little finger” (although nobody calls it that).

  • admin

    Point taken. Mea culpa. Correction made. I can only say that although I was born in Michigan, I left at eight weeks — in 1954. I had seen the lower portion of the state as a right hand, fingers and thumb together, but it is really a left hand with, as you say, the thumb lying off to the east. Perhaps “little finger” will catch on. So what do you think of their wines?

  • admin

    Have a look and let us know. It would be a wonderful thing to have family with a vineyard. What region?

  • Deborah Carroll O'Connor

    Geoff, saw Tuta’s Wine in the sideline ads while searching for a job at Mainejobs.com–great to see it! Thanks for the info and your hard work (?) tasting even a portion of the vast wine selection in this world…

  • Doug the Realtor

    Just discovered your site. Have been perusing the last hour. Now, time for a glass. Great site!

  • admin

    Hey, thanks so much — I am glad you like it. I’ll have to work on another post; maybe that great Spanish wine called Bierzo.

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